The city of Bruges is only a few miles from the Belgian coast, and the coast has inspired this room, with the colours of the sand and sea, as well as the raw wood. To reach the room, you’ll need to take the stairs to the highest echelons, but you’ll be rewarded with a grand view. On one side, the three towers of Bruges: the Cathedral, the Church of Our Lady and the world-famous Belfry. On the other side, you’ll see quiet courtyards, the original tower of the Jerusalem Church. The views from this room give you an amazing pespective of the city!

The upper floor is entirely yours. Take in a little star gazing from your comfortable 6ft (180cm) bed. There’s also a separate bathroom with shower. Coffee and tea are permanently available in the room.

As for the name of the room…we could have chosen ‘Ostend’ or ‘De Haan’…but our friends from France think the beautiful coastal resort of ‘Knokke-le-Zoute’ sounds funny and quirky…so we’ve chosen this!